How to Write A Home Page to Dominate On Your Website?

Home page is the first page that users visit while they land on a website. Home page of your website is the page that gives website visitors an idea about you. If visitors find your homepage interesting and trustworthy, then they will like to proceed further, and go on to other pages of your website. Therefore, you must dominate on your home page to attract users to your website.

Following is an 8 step guide that will teach you how you should write a home page to dominate on your website:

Step 1 for Assistance: Create a Headline

At the top of the page, you must write a headline (H1 heading). A headline of your home page should cover problems that your target audience faces, some emotions and a solution to problems of your target audience. presents a very creative headline to attract its target audience that is given below:

What if You Can Get All The Dissertation Help Including But Not Limited To Dissertation Research & Writing ConsultationStatistical Analysis, and Presentation Under ONE Roof Without Running Around From Place To Place?, How many more ENTERTAINING activities can you enjoy in your life which you’ve been missing so far?

Step 2 for Assistance: Problem Identification Questions

After creating your headline, you should either write 3 to 4 questions or make points targeting the problems of your target audience. It will make your audience feel that you know their problems. EDUCATIONALWRITING states problems of its target audience as follows:

Are You Frustrated? Because;

  • You cannot join your friends at the weekend get together as you have to write an essay?
  • You have to turn in the term paper next morning and you haven’t even started yet…
  • You are discouraged after seeing your thesis writing has returned with so many corrections…
  • You are met with suspicious looks when you tell someone about the completion of your dissertation writing

Step 3 for Assistance: Building Possibility

In this step, you should tell your target audience that they can get rid of their problems. You will need to write more engaging content to build possibility for your target audience. You can read the following possibility statement of CUSTOM ESSAY HELP to get an idea about building a possibility statement:

You Shouldn’t Be Worried If You Can’t Write Top-Quality Custom Essays and Keep Your Readers Engaged… Because Our Expert Writers Can Help!

Step 4 for Assistance: Building Credibility

You will need to build credibility after building possibility. You can give some free tips to your audience to build credibility. RESUME SURGEON tells 3 facts about resume to its target audience to build credibility:

 1. The resume is a weapon with one specific purpose: to win an interview.
Your resume is a sales letter. Just like a house or car, you are a precious commodity and you need your resume to display your talents in the best possible light.
 2. Your resume needs to be well presented and include all the relevant information.
Over 70% of resumes are missing vital information and, as a result, are discarded by an employer.
 3. Research on resume shows that your resume will be quickly scanned, rather than read.
Research on resume also tells us that only one interview is granted for every 200 resumes received by the average employer. An attractive resume can put you amongst the favorites for the job, before you’ve even arrived for interview.

Step 5 for Assistance: Who You Are?

Now, you should tell the target audience about you. You should tell your audience a little bit about you. You should not tell them more as they will be reading more about you on your “about” page. The Clinical Human Factors Group (CHFG) effectively presents information about who they are to the target audience, here’s how:

The Clinical Human Factors Group is a broad coalition of healthcare professionals, managers and service-users who have partnered with experts in Human Factors from healthcare and other high-risk industries to campaign for change in the NHS.

Our vision is of a healthcare system that places an understanding of Human Factors at the heart of improving clinical, managerial and organisational practice, leading to significant improvements in safety and efficiency.

Step 6 for Assistance: What You Do?

This is where you will tell the audience about your purpose on the web. EAZY MARKETING states its purpose to the target audience as follows:

We are a leading provider of soft advertisement through website design, Email, SMS & SEO Services dedicated to all businesses. Working with companies to define strategies and implement innovative techniques to promote their businesses by integrating the expertise of Internet technologies and marketing communications.

Step 7 for Assistance: Why Go for You?

In this step, you should tell your audience why they should choose you. You should clearly state what they will be getting after choosing you. LOGODESIGNCONSULTANT gives 8 reasons to its target audience why they should be chosen as follows:


Our vision of graphic designing services is based on certain principles that we have used to develop Logo Design Consultant, a company that has over the years won the commendation of both its clients and its competitors. We want you to understand what kind of exclusive benefits you can gain from getting your company logo design made by us.

Following are these eight remarkable benefits. Read through the end and decide for yourself.

  1. Custom logo design to create an identity that will…
    1. Make your small business look “BIG” and “Professional”
    2. Keep your business or product on the forefront of your customers’ and partners’ minds
    3. Give the impression that you’ve been around for some time and committed to deliver your promises
    4. Make it easier for your customers to spot your brand in the market clutter
    5. Trigger your customers’ awe when they set their eyes upon it

Your small business logo will be designed after rigorous research of your business, customers, competition etc…Learn more about our scientific logo design process

2. Your company logo design will be perfectly scalable across all mediums

Your custom logo designs will translate well across different mediums, evoking the same meaning whether it’s a business card or a billboard. Also, they will reproduce well in black and white.

3.   Expert logo designers to make your business stand-out from competition

We have a group of professional designers with a wide-range of experience of working with an array of businesses for developing the corporate logo design they loved. Having said that, we don’t claim we have covered each and every known business industry. Specific industry experience is always good to have, but the thing to look for is the “PROCESS”. Our designing process includes thorough industry research before laying out any concepts.

We have a sizeable and versatile portfolio where you may find many logos to suit your preferences. This remarkable variety caters contrasting tastes of our visitors and display show flexibly our designers can meet your requirements.

View our extensive company logo design portfolio

4.   Valuable free bonuses with your business logo design to spread your image around town

Get guaranteed free bonuses with every corporate logo design package you choose! Pick and choose your package to get the maximum number of bonuses; they are included in every package after all! If you were to order these bonus design services separately, it would cost you over $500.

Click here to view the list of freebies you’ll get in a custom
company logo design package

5.   Personalized attention by our customer services team

Get extremely personalized and knowledgeable assistance for your company logo design order, available whenever you want it. A representative will be dedicated to your account to foster a personal relationship to ensure better understanding of your requirements, faster turnaround time, and increased quality control. Once your order is assigned to a designer, this representative will keep constant tabs on the correspondence and act as a bridge between you and the designer whenever needed to make sure the design of your company logo is produced just as you want it.

6.   Not a penny at stake with our 100% Money-Back Guarantee

“No-Risk of Losing Money with Our 100%
Money-Back Guarantee”

Logo Design Consultant offers an ironclad Money-Back Guarantee
to all its customers.

When you place an order for a corporate logo design at our site, you immediately qualify for the 100% money- back guarantee. Once you receive your business logo designs, you have 3 options:

  1. Accept the concepts
  2. Revise the concepts
  3. Reject the concepts

If you reject all the company logo designs we have provided, you will get a full refund of your money.
No Questions Asked!

However, if you choose to revise the corporate logo design we provide, then no money will be refunded. Through our
100% satisfaction guarantee offer, you may request as many changes as you like
in your chosen business logo design.

GET a Custom Logo Design as ordered … Or We’ll Pay Your Money-Back in FULL!

That’s right… If you buy our “custom logo designs,” we guarantee that you’ll GET a logo that will be of the desired standard as ordered by you. Otherwise.

These SUPER bonuses are yours to keep, and…

We’ll compensate you with 100% refund of your purchase price.

… That’s right! Not only will you get the money that you spent on getting a corporate logo design back, we’ll also let you keep the bonuses (minimum worth $119.85).

It’s The SAME All-inclusive, No-Risk, 100% Money-Back Guarantee We’ve Been Offering Our Customers For Over 3 YEARS Now!

Order your website logo design without any fear of losing money

7. Affordable & competitive prices for amazing corporate logo design for start-ups

From off the rack packages to custom price quotes, can give your business an identity you need, at a price you can afford.

We’ve worked with a number of small businesses on their business identities. We understand the business constraints involved and we have successfully helped numerous such businesses establish their company logo design.We begin with small steps first – and progress later, when permissible by the budget, into more developed and sophisticated material like company profiles, product brochures,etc.With the amazing value you get with our impeccably unique and highly relevant bonuses, the price you pay to get your company logo design seems like peanuts.

Click here to get your logo design and make your corporate identity in just $59

8. Faster turnaround times to quickly start your marketing efforts

As a small business owner, we understand how valuable your time is. Thus, we offer you corporate logo design packages with the fastest turnaround time so that you can set up and start promoting your business without wasting any time.

Step 8 for Assistance: Call to Action

This should be your call to action line. You should state your target audience here why they need to act now. Here are some examples of good call to action statements:

  1. Get It Now!
  2. Satisfaction Guaranteed!
  3. Start Your Trial!    

I hope you would have understood by now how you should write a home page to dominate on your website. 

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