Should Parents Select Children’s Friends?


Friends are people who one can trust and like to talk with. People who have friends enjoy spending time with their friends. There is a debate going on the statement, parents should select their children’s friends for years, I personally don’t agree with this statement for reasons.

The first reason of my disagreement is that children will lose liberty in lives if their parents select their friends. It may cause the state of confusion in them. For instance, they may feel confused if someone ask them to make their own decision.

The second reason of my disagreement is that parents are not always the best decision makers. It happens at times when parents make a wrong decision for their children. For example, parents may want their child to become a doctor but their child may want to become an engineer. It may affect the life of their child badly in terms of career growth. It is a right of every child to choose his/her field of interest.

The third reason of my disagreement is that thinking of children may differ from their parents. For instance, children may like to spend more time with their friends outside, but their parents may place restrictions on their children, and force them to stay at home most of the time.

In the light of above reasons, it is quite clear why I don’t agree with the statement that friends of children should be selected by their parents. 

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