What Do I Recommend To Target Tourism as Business in Pakistan?


Individuals from world travel from one country to another usually at weekends or holidays in order to spend time with their family on famous places in the world. Individuals usually tour places for fun & entertainment and sometimes they come to a specific place to do something that entertains and satisfies them like they may be involved in surfing as a part of their recreational activity on tour and they enjoy performing that activity on their desired place.

Tourists also tour places in the world to do business besides fun and entertainment. Individuals who travel to fulfil their business needs involve in activities like meetings and attending seminars or exhibitions. The purpose of business tour is to expand individual’s business and increase business contacts in the world to gain more profit from business.    

Our world is very big and there are thousands of places that people can go to and enjoy if they have sufficient amount of money in their pockets. Some of the famous places that one can go to and enjoy include Giza Pyramid & Great Sphinx near Cairo, Statue of Liberty at New York City, Taj Mahal in Agra, Great Wall of China and archaeological ruins at Mohenjo-Daro of Indus Valley civilization in Pakistan.

Tourism serves as a profitable industrial sector to countries that target tourism as business and satisfy the needs of tourists by delivering them a valuable service. Spain, China, UAE, USA, Egypt are the name of some countries which are successful in making tourism a business. There are beautiful places in Pakistan too like Atrium Mall and Cinema (Karachi), Badshahi Mosque (Lahore), Karakorum Mountains (Peshawar), Tirich Mir (Chitral) and Saif-ul-Maluq Lake (Kaghan) but still tourism industry in Pakistan is yet not successful in attracting tourists to come and visit these places frequently and invest money in Pakistan for doing business.

Travel and tourism in Pakistan is yet not being successful because the country lacks in planning to attract tourists from the world to invest money and start doing business in Pakistan. If Pakistan comes successful in attracting tourists from the world; then, you will see people investing money in Pakistan for business purposes and it will also affect the economy of country in a positive manner.

Here is a 6 step plan that I recommend for a tourism company in Pakistan that can come in handy for attracting tourists from the world to Pakistan so that tourists will come and visit beautiful places of Pakistan and will also be motivated to invest money for doing business in Pakistan.

Step 1: At first, it should be decided which sector of tourism, a tourism company in Pakistan would like to focus on. It may be about accommodation that may involve a stay at hotel or it may be about a transportation service that may involve transporting tourists to one place to another.

Step 2: A tourism company in Pakistan should also give importance to its geographical location while targeting tourism as a business and must deliver service in a way that caters to the needs of tourists in the best possible way.

Step 3: Competition is important, so while targeting tourism as a business, a tourism company in Pakistan must take into account the unique selling propositions (USPs) & competitive advantage of competitors and must deliver a better USP and competitive advantage over competitors to take the lead in competition.

Step 4: A business plan must be developed by a tourism company in Pakistan in accordance with following points:

  • The name, purpose and location of a tourism business must be decided in line with the competition. Marketing tools and final projections should also be decided as a part of business plan.
  • Total cost of establishing a tourism business must be estimated.
  • After estimation of cost, it must be decided what products or services that the tourism business is going to provide to the tourists.
  • Target market should be analysed and studied carefully to ensure that the tourists get services of high quality from the company.
  • The best strategy should be adopted by a tourism company for executing the business plan.

Step 5: All legal work should be done by a tourism company in Pakistan to get a registered business license from the government to conduct business.

Step 6:  After getting the business license, advertising and marketing of business should be done to pull tourists towards tourism business. Advertising may be done through internet, TV or magazines and marketing will help the Pakistani tourism company to build positive good with tourists.

One way that is in my mind other than the 6 step plan is that the Pakistani government does not apply taxes to foreign individuals who want to invest in Pakistan for doing business. It will help those individuals help saving sufficient amount of money and will encourage them to invest more and help them earn significant profit. On the other hand, tourists who tour for fun should be delivered valuable hospitability at the spots.

If Pakistani government and tourism companies in Pakistan target tourism as business with rightful planning and management; then, Pakistan will not only attract tourists to come and visit beautiful places in Pakistan but also allow them to invest money in Pakistan for doing business. If it happens; then, economy of Pakistan will also be affected in a fruitful manner.

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Ibrahim Saleem is a highly skilled professional who is well-versed with Web Content Writing and Client Relationship Management. He is an MBA in Marketing and is very well familiar with the terms associated with the business. He is a man with a positive attitude who does not like to miss opportunities.
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