Should Governments Of Richer Nations Take The Responsibility To Make Improvements In Health, Education And Trade Of Poorer Countries?


The world is divided into two types of nations, developed and developing nations. Developed countries are richer nations and developing countries are poorer nations. Improvements in health, education and trade are essential for the development of poorer nations. Some people say that governments of richer nations should play a part to improve health, education and trade of poorer nations, I personally agree with this statement for some reasons.

The first reason of my agreement is that the poorer nations lack healthcare facilities. Medical facilities are below standard in poorer nations. If government of richer nations provide sufficient funds to such nations for their healthcare improvements; then, developing nations will be able to improve their standard for better treatment of patients in their country. For instance, governments of richer nations can provide advanced medical equipments and instruments to help poorer nations in improving their standard for health.

The second reason of my agreement is that literacy rate is too low in poorer nations. Government institutes in poorer nations do not provide quality education. Private institutes provide better education but charge high fees for studies. Most of the people are not well-educated (because government institutes lack resources to teach) or uneducated (because people can’t afford high fees). Literacy rate of poorer nations can be improved if governments of richer nations provide these nations enough funds and resources for education. For example, governments of richer nations can provide international scholarships to citizens of a poorer nation.

The third reason of my agreement is that poorer nations mostly trade-off agricultural products with the industrialized products of developed countries which create a trade deficit resulting in broken economy of poorer nations. Richer nations should forgive the debt of poorer nations to help these nations recover their economy.

To sum up, I agree with the statement that governments of developed nations should take responsibility to improve health, education and trade of poorer countries.

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