Photo Blogging on the Internet – Advantages and Disadvantages of Picture Blogging


Photo Blogging or Picture Blogging is a form of blogging that is done with the help of photos. In photo blogs, bloggers share photos and publish those photos in format of a blog. In a normal blog, bloggers mainly focus on text rather than pictures whereas the focus of blogger in a photo blog is completely on photographs and that is the difference between a blog and photoblog.

You can find photo blogs on the internet in following ways:

  1. Photo Blog on a Personal Website
  2. Photo Blog on a Blogging Service like Blogger
  3. Photo Blog on a Photo Sharing Website such as Flickr

Following are advantages of having a photoblog:

  1. A photo blog is more attractive than a normal blog because pictures appeal people more than text.
  2. A photo blog can be created easily than a normal blog and will help you save sufficient amount of time.
  3. In a photo blog, you post pictures rather than text, so you don’t need proofreading for a photoblog.
  4. If display ads appear on your blog; then, you will be able to make money from your photoblog. Google AdSense can help you earn money from a photo blog.

Photoblogs have some disadvantages as well which are mentioned below:

  1. It is difficult to optimize a photo blog because pictures weigh less than text in search engine optimization.
  2. You can’t put any picture on your photoblog; you should be seriously concerned about copyright issues while putting a picture on your blog.
  3. Minor editing may be required for pictures to make those pictures good fit for your photo blog.
  4. You will not get text based ads on a photo blog because focus of a photoblog is on pictures.

Although photo blogging has disadvantages too but still it is a very popular way of blogging.

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