5 Common Problems Related To Hacking That Computer Users Often Face and Their Solutions

No doubt that internet provides many benefits to people but still it is not free of faults. For example, all information on the internet is not reliable; some people have become so addicted to internet so they find it difficult to spend time with friends and family members. Furthermore, internet often becomes a victim of hackers.

Although hacking is a crime but still it can be dealt with if you have a thinking mind.


Following are the most common problems related to hacking that computer users face and these problems can be dealt with if you follow solutions to these problems.

Problem 1 – Counterfeit Virus Warning Message: If you see a virus warning message popping on your computer screen even though you have installed antivirus on your computer; then, there is a chance that your computer is being hacked. In order to differentiate between a genuine and counterfeit virus messages, you need to know what a genuine antivirus looks like. A fake virus message appears instantly when someone installs software that contains malware.

Solution to the Problem 1: In order to deal with the problem, you must turn off your computer as soon as you recognize that virus warning message on your screen is fake and reboot it in Safe Mode. After reboot, uninstall the newly installed software. After removing the newly installed software, start your computer by choosing the option, Last Known Good Configuration.

Problem 2 – Unwanted Browser Toolbar: If you see a toolbar on your computer screen that you did not install; then, it means you have become a victim of hacking. Mostly, unwanted toolbars are installed as they come in bundle with other software that someone downloads.

Solution to the Problem 2: If you have installed an unwanted toolbar by chance as it came in bundle with your desired software; then, you should uninstall it. In Microsoft XP, you can uninstall it by going to Control Panel and choosing Add or Remove Programs. In Windows 7, you can do the same job by going to Control Panel and selecting the option, Programs and Features. You can also get rid of the unwanted toolbar if you carefully read the license agreement and uncheck the clause that says you to allow the installation of additional software with your desired software.

Problem 3 – Your Password Change: If you find out that the password you were using for a particular account online has changed without your knowledge; then, there is highly likely, you are being hacked. The reason may be because you have replied to a phishing email with your log-in details.

Solution to the Problem 3: You should immediately report about your password changes to your online service provider which should be able to get your account back in your control within a few minutes. You should also change your log-in details of other online accounts if you are using the same details on your other online accounts.

Problem 4 – Cursor moving itself and Starting Programs: If you see the cursor on your screen is moving itself and making correct choices to run particular programs; then, it is obvious that your mouse is being controlled by hacker.

Solution to the Problem 4: After discovering that hacker is using your computer, you should try to find out what his/her intentions are. If you have a smart phone and digital camera, take some pictures of the screen to reveal the intentions of hacker. After taking pictures, disconnect your computer from internet and take help of an online computer maintenance firm. Before taking help of computer experts, you should use another computer and change your log-in details of different online accounts to make sure hacker does not harm you more.

Problem 5- Anti-Virus Program, Task Manager Or Registry Editor Disabled Won’t Restart/Start In Reduced State: Most malware protect themselves by degrading antivirus program, task manager and registry editor so either they won’t start or start in reduced state.

Solution to the Problem 5: You don’t have clue when this problem comes, so you should reinstall your system software by backing up our data.

I hope that you have now the general knowledge to get rid of the 5 common problems concerned with hacking.

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