8 Reasons Why People Of Under Developed and Developing Countries Migrate To Developed Countries


In most cases, people prefer to live their whole lives where they are born. Love for motherland exists in nerves of everyone. Usually people don’t want to leave their homelands but they decide to migrate to other countries for numbers of reasons. Before discussing the reasons why people migrate to other countries, we must first answer the following two questions:

Q1. Which are the countries from where people migrate to other countries?

Q2. Which countries are popular destinations of immigrants?

Here are the answers to above two questions:

A1. People of under developed and developing countries like Pakistan, Nigeria, Guatemala, Haiti etc. migrate to developed countries.

A2. Spain, Australia, Canada, Saudi Arabia etc. are most popular destinations of immigrants.

Here are the reasons why people of developing and underdeveloped countries migrate to developed countries:

Reason #1: Developed countries offer better employment opportunities to people.

Reason # 2: Developed countries guarantee security and justice for people.

Reason # 3: Strong currencies of developed countries also attract people.

Reason # 4: Developed countries attract skilled human resources and investors from less developed countries.

Reason # 5: Emigrants see better future for their offspring in developed countries.

Reason # 6: Persons of different religions living in less developed countries prefer migrating to developed countries of their religions since they feel more secure there.

Reason # 7: Ordinary citizens of less developed countries which are affected by war also prefer to migrate to developed countries since they see their safety there.

Reason # 8: In some cases, people of less developed countries move to developed countries to join their family members there.

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