Have you ever seen people who remain silent or talk less in a social gathering? If you have seen such persons; then, some questions may have come into your mind about those persons such as: What stops them from being social? What is actually going in their minds? People of such kind are called Introverts. Although those people keep quite or chat a little in social gathering but it is a fact that their less talking factor make them stand out in a people gathering.

People have two views about people who talk less. First view is that people think introverts consider themselves superior to others so they don’t like to talk with people around them. Second view is that people believe such people are terribly depressed. This is a theoretical explanation about the individuals becoming introverts. In the practical world, a person becomes an introvert after having some experiences in life.

Following are the 5 reasonable life experiences which converts a person into an introvert:

  1. A person has lost self confidence in his/her life and can’t confront people boldly because he/she has not taken part in extracurricular activities while studying at school, college and university.
  2. A person has been objected by saying something stupid in his/her life before, so feels afraid to talk with people and being objected again.
  3. A person is unable to remember things in his/her life, so possesses a bad memory.
  4. A person is unable to acquire enough general knowledge in his/her life.
  5. A person is unable to make a friend or friends in his/her life.

Social people should not force introverts to become socialized. Doing it may cost them to lose trust of individuals who talk less. Remember, a person can change the way of living only if he/she wills to. Introverts prefer spending time alone and feel happy that way, so let them live in the way they want to live.

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