Link Baiting and Link-Baiting Hooks Explained


“Link baiting (link-baiting or link baiting) is a technique of web content writing that involves writing content in a way that drives other content producers to give link to that content”. The purpose of link baiting is to improve number of inbound links (back links=hyperlinks on third-party webpages which link to content on your website) to a specific content in order to improve the ranking of that content page in search engine rankings.

Technique of link baiting works with hooks. There are 8 link-baiting hooks which are mentioned below:


1. News Hook: News perishes with alacrity thus it is never a good idea to write about news that perished but breaking news has importance. Therefore, it is always a clever thing to write content with up-to-date news. If people on the web read content about your up-to-date news at the right time, they will most probably like to give back link to that content.


2. Contrary Hook: If you don’t agree with the opinion of someone else; then, you contradicts that person and you can take advantage of your point of view to write content. You will mention the opinion of person you disagree with while writing content; then, you will give your opinion and try to justify it with reasons. People who disagree with you may give a link to your content to relate how your opinion opposes them and those who find the debate interesting may like to link to that content too.


3. Attack Hook: Attacking someone without a reason is bad. Therefore, you should not write attacking content unless there is reason to. For instance, if you find out about a company that is deceiving its customers and you have the evidence for it; then, write about it and share it with others. People who want the society to be saved from dishonest people will most probably like to give the backlink to that content of yours to save others.


4. Information Hook: You can also write content by providing detailed information about something. For instance, you can write about the topic, “Balanced Diet” in detail. If people who wants to make things clear to them and to others too in-depth read that topics of yours and liked it; then they may feel delightful to share it with others by providing a back link to that content of yours.


5. Resource Hook: You can be helpful to people in many ways and one way to help them is to provide them some resources. For instance, if you have created a web widget, made a website building tool or written a useful eBook; then, you can write content relating to these things by providing readers also the option to download the widget, tool or eBook you created. People who find the resources useful will like to give link to those resources and content about those resources.


6. Humor Hook: One thing that catches the attention of readers is humor. There are plenty of ways to write content to make others people laugh. You can write jokes and funny stories or share funny pictures or videos on your website. If people liked the content you shared for humor, they will most probably like to give a backlink to that page.


7. Ego Hook: It’s not difficult to write about oneself but one must be true too while writing about himself/herself; otherwise, people won’t trust him/her. For instance, you can write a content on short story of your success (if you have achieved it) such as: How did you reach the position of a CEO from an employee? People who will believe in your words will like to give backlink to the story of yours success.


8. Incentive Hook: If you give people the reason to link to you; then they will like to. For example, you can arrange a contest for people whom you want to target on your website and inform them that contest winners will get valuable awards. People who read about the contest may like to give link to your contest details page to inform others about the contest and interested people will get registered for the contest by linking to your site.

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