How to Say Farewell to Your Disloyal Boss in a Funny Way without Getting Caught


If you are professional; then, you would have heard this foolish statement; “the boss is always right”, often. And if you don’t believe in this unjust statement; then, you don’t like your boss. Reasons of your dislike may be one of the following:

  1. You have lost trust in your boss.
  2. Your boss has no respect for you.
  3. You are being underestimated by your boss frequently.
  4. Your boss underutilizes you.

No offense, this is payback time for your boss. Now, you should say goodbye to your dishonest boss for all reasons of your hatred towards him/her. Following are the 4 things you should do to satisfy yourself before leaving your boss:

  1. Teach your boss a lesson for distrusting you: You do your work with honesty but still your boss doesn’t trust you and always keep an eye on you with cameras and other resources. Now, you should record strange voices in a tape recorder with sufficient volume and place it in a safe place near your office so that no one can find it and your boss can hear it. You should also make sure that your recording plays at the right time i.e. the time when you were be chatting with your boss about work. As your boss hears those bizarre voices and asks it about you, you should confidently say: “No, I didn’t hear anything”. Doing this means; you have taken the first step for your revenge by not believing in words of your boss.
  2. Show your boss the meaning of disrespect: You do respect your boss but he/she has no respect for you and your boss only cares for money not workers. It is time to show disrespect for your boss. What you should do is that you should drop banana peels on the places from where you think your boss will walk from without noticing and you should hide cautiously from place to place so that you can enjoy the show of your boss receiving your contempt.
  3. Overwhelm your boss by asking questions continuously: You try to do your work better than before every time but still your boss feels please to discourage you. Thus, it is time to make your boss pay for whatever he/she thinks of you. Your boss may have too much knowledge of things but he/she won’t have knowledge of everything. This is time to search information about your boss background through resources smartly such as internet or contacts in a way that no one can guess why you are interested in knowing about your boss. As soon as you are done with getting relevant information about your boss, you should wait for the right time and start questioning to your boss about things that he/she does not know by relating those questions to work. For example, you can ask a question to your boss: How did presentations affect low-level, middle-level and high-level managers mentally? (Here: You related part of a work i.e. presentations to the subject of psychology) If he is not able to answer your question by thinking for a long time; then, you should pose questions after question to your boss until you see his/her face turn pale. After seeing what you desire, you should take his/her permission to leave from there.
  4. Time to show your boss your worth: You know more than your boss thinks but still you are being underutilized, so, it is time to make your boss see your worth. You should now take help from a trusted person in form of cell phone calls. You should make a commitment with that person that he/she should call you at the right time i.e. the time when your boss will notice you. Whatever he/she will say to you on those calls, you will reply astonishingly by saying words admiring your worth. Some of your reply sentences to those mobile phone calls can be: Are you serious, XYZ Company is offering me double the salary that my current company is giving to me? Do you really think, I’m the one candidate who may be impossible to find among billions? As you talk on the phone, you should see wrinkles forming on the forehead of your boss to enjoy that moment.

As soon as you are done with your avenge; you should fire your boss and look for a company that you think will respect you for working by admiring all positive things which you have in you. 

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Ibrahim Saleem is a highly skilled professional who is well-versed with Web Content Writing and Client Relationship Management. He is an MBA in Marketing and is very well familiar with the terms associated with the business. He is a man with a positive attitude who does not like to miss opportunities.
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