How To Make Silent People Speak With You?


In real life, you may have met or seen people who don’t like to talk too much or find it difficult to speak with others but it does not mean that they don’t like to take part in a conversation. Actually, they feel either feel shy to take part in a chat because they don’t know much about real-life situations or they think people may ignore them as they rarely take part in a conversation and for a limited time. These two are valid reasons which make those people quiet most of the time during social gatherings, festivals and celebrations but it does not mean that you cannot make them speak.

I have made a list of 25 questions for you which will guide you how to make quiet people speak but to do this, you must ask those questions in a way so that they don’t think you are interviewing them. In other words, they should think you are taking interest in their speech and want to chat more with them by asking questions to them and listening to their replies. To do this, you should carefully listen to what they say in reply when you ask questions to them. Carefully listening to them will require you to watch their body languages, hear tone of voices and being thoughtful to whom you are talking with. If those people replied to you positively and also shared their thoughts and feelings on your asked questions; then, you are right to think that you have achieved your mission: “Make Them Speak”.

Following are those 25 questions which you should ask a person or people you find quiet most of the time?

Q1. Do you have a childhood memory? What is it?

Q2. If you get the chance to do something again that you did wrong in life. How will you do it correct?

Q3. Did you meet someone special in life? Who was that person? How did two of you meet?

Q4. Are you proud of something that you did in life? What was it?

Q5. Do you hear music? Which type of music do you like?

Q6. There are lot of wonderful places in the world. Which place is your dream to visit?

Q7. Suppose you could possess super powers. Which powers will you have chosen?

Q8. Which teacher impressed you most in life and why?

Q9. You may die sometime in life. What do you want your tombstone or grave to say after you die?

Q10. There are loads of moments in life. Which was your defining moment of life?

Q11. Which profession do you think serve world the most?

Q12. How do you spend your free time?

Q13. If you are lucky to win a lottery, what will you do with the prize money?

Q14. Who is your ideal/most-admired person?

Q15. Do you like movies, games and books? Name some of your favourites. What is the reason you like them?

Q16. Which is your biggest fear? Why?

Q17. What do you think is the difference between liking someone and loving someone?

Q18. Which quality do you think describe you best?

Q19. Have you ever been disturbed in life? When and why?

Q20. If you become president of your country, what change will you like to make in your country?

Q21. Which skill will you like to learn? Why do you think learning that skill is important?

Q22. How will you define a perfect day?

Q23. How may your friends and relatives differ by describing you?

Q24. Chaos happens in places. Have you ever seen a turmoil situation with your eyes? What was it and when did it happen?

Q25. Your real age may be less, more or close to what I think. What age do you feel yourself and why?

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