How to Make Angry Teachers Pay in A Fair Way?

As a student, you may have been a victim of angry teachers who only liked to deal angrily with students in school, college or university. This situation may have bothered you often since you didn’t know what to do with teachers of that kind. Such type of teachers have no feeling for students as they only want to rule over students like kings. They do not come in educational institutions to make kingdoms instead they come there to teach students that is their job.

It is fair to take revenge against teachers who only offer anger to students for whatever they do. Students who are currently being a victim of angry teachers should worry not anymore as this article will help students how to deal with angry teachers by making them pay. Before making them pay, students must know the reasons why those teachers are always angry at students which are mentioned below:

Reason #1: Angry teachers are educated too much and think that they know all and don’t want others to learn more than them but obviously they do not know everything.

Reason #2: Teachers of such kind think educational institutions are jails, so treat students as captives.

Reason #3: They think students are fool and they can never outsmart them.

Now, you are well aware of the reasons behind angriness of angry teachers; therefore, this is time for you to take actions among them as a student. You should take the following 3 steps to make them pay:


Step #1 (Ideal Is No Ideal): Firstly, you should make your angry teacher believe that you like him/her. You can do that by praising him/her often and your teacher will start liking you. You should tell your teacher that he/she is your ideal as you are very impressed by his/her way of teaching.

Now, you should start asking your angry teacher during classes about his/her life experiences to let you know how he/she became teacher of such calibre. When, he/she will be telling about things you asked, you will show that you are listening to him/her carefully though you will be turning a deaf ear to his/her words as you hate him/her in reality. You will be doing this since he/she does not know all about you.


Step #2 (Prisoner in Educational Institution): Secondly, you should tell your angry teacher that your father wants to meet him/her and he also likes him. You should ask your teacher to please stay at the institution after your class timings for at least an hour so that your father can meet him/her. If he/she agrees; then, this it means you have setup your trap.

Although, you will be going home after your class timings but also be in contact with your teacher on your cellular phone. You will be calling your teacher every next 10 minutes after your school timings about your father arrival and his/her reply will be no since you never informed your father. After an hour, you will tell your teacher that father had an emergency meeting so he didn’t come. You will do this to treat him/her as a prisoner of educational institution.


Step #3 (Who can be fooled?): Thirdly, you will use RC (Remote Control) toy for e.g. a RC frog and place it in your class so that no one can see that toy and make sure one window of your class is open. You should also cover some parts of your RC frog with mud so that no one can guess it is not a real frog. As your angry teacher will come in your class and sit on his/her seat, you will play your part and use your toy as a weapon against him/her.

You will use your remote control to let your frog jump on his/her nose while he/she is unconscious to make him/her shock with a surprise. You should also make sure that your toy has a real voice of frog to let your teacher believe that the frog is real. After your teacher is alert about the frog, he/she will try to catch the frog but you will distract him/her to let your RC frog escape through window. You will be doing this to outsmart your angry teacher.

In a nutshell, you should never forget that everyone in the world has the right for vengeance. 

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