A man came to a retail store, saw me, looked at me and pointed his finger at me. I did not know why he was pointing at me. Suddenly, an external force pulled me, grabbed me and handed me over to the man who was gazing at me while ago. Now, I was with a stranger who gave a deep smile after having me with him. He covered me, took me with him and sit in his car. Now, the man couldn’t be seen clearly. He started engine of the car and got ready to drive.

The man was driving on the way and some resonating sounds could be heard of the parts of the car. The man was consistently watching over me while driving. He was also looking outside from side windows of his car and viewing the view outside. He seemed relaxed wearing a seatbelt and sitting on seat of his car. After a while, the car engine suddenly stopped, the man came out of his car, grasped me and entered his home.

Now, I was in a novel and unfamiliar place. The man was walking in his home slowly and carefully. He was entering room after room. He quit walking after walking for a short time and stopped near a study desk. It was quite a dark room that the man entered last. The man got rid of the cover from me, held me in his hand and took a stool. He stood on the stool, fixed me on a Lamp Holder and turned on the switch. Now, I was glowing and providing brightness in dark. The man sat on his study desk and said: “Oh! Light bulb, you have served your purpose well and lightened this study room at last”. 

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Ibrahim Saleem is a highly skilled professional who is well-versed with Web Content Writing and Client Relationship Management. He is an MBA in Marketing and is very well familiar with the terms associated with the business. He is a man with a positive attitude who does not like to miss opportunities.
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