Chatting – A Gift with Lots of Risks

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A Video Chat b/w a Boy and Girl


Chatting is one of the gifts of internet that help internet users for making new relationships online and keeping in touch with their connections. However, there is a large community of strangers online who misuse chatting tools to hurt others. People should be aware of the risks while chatting online.


chatting risks, risks of chatting online


Chatting Risks


  • You may see people posting harsh, offensive, and unethical comments
  • Strangers in chat rooms may have bad intentions for you
  • Children or teenagers may be lured to communicate in a way i.e., not suitable for them
  • People can beguile you to reveal your personal or financial information


chat safely, protect yourself 


How to Chat Safely?


You should only chat with people who you trust or who you know well. Avoid sharing your personal information if you don’t want the online public to know anything personal about you. If you agree online to meet someone in person, then meet him in a public place and take someone with you too. Never accept the file that you see unexpectedly in a chatroom and do not click on untrustworthy links when chatting online.


chatroom tips, chat room tips


Tips for Chatting in a Chat Room


  1. Think first while sending a message online, because you can neither edit or delete a chat message once it becomes live.
  2. Try to be real and don’t say anything that you never say in your real life.
  3. Never respond to a person who uses insulting or bad language online.
  4. Never share a negative or personal information about anyone online without his permission.
  5. You can log out to avoid unwanted situations or block people you don’t want to chat with.
  6. If people break the rules, you can report it to the chatroom provider. Save copy of the conversation as the evidence to support you.


suggestions for parents


A Few Suggestions for Parents


  • Keep an eye on your children while they chat online
  • Tell your kids about the safety of internet and also keep reminding them about it even if they dislike it
  • Encourage your children to tell you if they receive any threatening message online 

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