10 Social Media and Content Marketing Principles That Work For Everyone


Original content and social media marketing efforts can help you reach massive audience over and above building good relationships with your customers. Following 10 principles can be of great help to any content marketer and social media expert to build a positive business image and large customer-base respectively:


  1. Hear, Create, and Invite

Go to social websites where you think your target audience will be posting content. Join discussions with them to find out what is significant for them. It will help you create useful content for your target audience and start conversations that add value to them.


  1. Adopt a Strategy That Pays Off

Build a social media and content marketing strategy that returns value to your company as well as your target audience. It will help you create a positive business image among your target audience and competitors.


  1. Effort to Flourish

Invest your time and efforts to make connections with people who read, share, and talk about your content online. In this way, you can boost your online presence.


  1. Contribute and Wait For the Best

Be consistent in your social media and content marketing efforts. You will never get desired results in a short period of time. You have to wait and constantly contribute online to make your business prosper.


  1. Quality = Quantity

If you publish top quality and inspiring content, it will be admired by internet users. They will like to share it on popular social media sites to quantify your effort plus you will be found by thousands of internet users online.


  1. Research, Persuade, and Magnify

Spend time on the cyberspace and search for strong competitors in your niche market. Effort to build good relationship with the target audience of your competitors. If you prove yourself to be authentic and useful source of information to target audience of your competitors; then, they may like to share your published content with others that will magnify your business image.


  1. Value Your Audience for Publicity

A product or service should never be directly promoted to the target audience through social websites. You need to add something in online content that gives value to your readers. In this way, you will not only promote your business positively to your target audience but also get the word of mouth publicity of your business from your target audience.


  1. Get Connected

Never ignore any individual who reaches you out on social websites. Relationship building is the key to social media marketing success; therefore, you must treat every individual equally who wants to get connected with you on social platforms.            


  1. Be Persistent and Credible

Publish content relentlessly and participate in social conversations with your target audience. Never make a mistake of stop publishing content for weeks or months. If you do so, your audience may switch over to your competitors. 


  1. If You Scratch My Back I Will Scratch Yours

Business is all about give and take. The same theory applies to social media. You should spend some time on the internet and talk about useful content others have published online. If you do it, they may also like to talk about the content you have published on the web as a return for appreciating their content.




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A man came to a retail store, saw me, looked at me and pointed his finger at me. I did not know why he was pointing at me. Suddenly, an external force pulled me, grabbed me and handed me over to the man who was gazing at me while ago. Now, I was with a stranger who gave a deep smile after having me with him. He covered me, took me with him and sit in his car. Now, the man couldn’t be seen clearly. He started engine of the car and got ready to drive.

The man was driving on the way and some resonating sounds could be heard of the parts of the car. The man was consistently watching over me while driving. He was also looking outside from side windows of his car and viewing the view outside. He seemed relaxed wearing a seatbelt and sitting on seat of his car. After a while, the car engine suddenly stopped, the man came out of his car, grasped me and entered his home.

Now, I was in a novel and unfamiliar place. The man was walking in his home slowly and carefully. He was entering room after room. He quit walking after walking for a short time and stopped near a study desk. It was quite a dark room that the man entered last. The man got rid of the cover from me, held me in his hand and took a stool. He stood on the stool, fixed me on a Lamp Holder and turned on the switch. Now, I was glowing and providing brightness in dark. The man sat on his study desk and said: “Oh! Light bulb, you have served your purpose well and lightened this study room at last”. 

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You seek happiness but find it hard to earn and you know that being unhappy will lead you to stress making it difficult for you to do things in life. Happiness is a feeling that every human being loves to have as it keeps you healthy, active and satisfied. Happiness can give you pleasure while doing work, talking with people and helping others. Some people find it difficult to be happy but it does not mean that can never be happy. Following 5 suggestions can help unhappy people to be happy:



Sometimes people become angry b/c of miscommunication and throw harsh words back to you causing you to be unhappy but it does not mean that you should also react the same way. You should react positively to such situations and accept fault as yours even it was not. You will see that person who was angry on you back to normal with either smile or guilt on his face. Take that reaction positively and you will feel happy.



You will save yourself from consulting a psychologist to be happy if you can make others around you happy. You should ponder to find which things can make people happy. People may become happy if you compliment them, make funny tones or give them a valuable gift. You should make it a daily target to make people around you smile. Doing this will make you believe that if you can make others happy then why you cannot make yourself happy.

An American writer, Richard Bach says: “The best way to pay for a lovely moment is to enjoy it”.



You can also make yourself happy by keeping your spirit clean. You should avoid committing sins and hurting others instead you should help others to win mutual feeling of happiness. You should make it a habit to do good deeds consistently to purify your spirit and enjoy the ultimate joy of happiness.



You want products that can make you happy but you run short of money and become unhappy because you fail to buy such things. It does not mean you should back off. Have a financial plan to spend and save money so that you can buy your desired items. You should not waste money on unnecessary items like cinema tickets, pack of candies or other stuff like that. Spending money on necessary items will help you save enough money and you will be able to buy the product you wanted late but not too late.



Sometimes, you try to work more but your body parts gave up and you feel tired. This is a symptom of ill-health and you feel tired because you’re not used to of doing overwork. You can encounter this problem by doing exercise regularly and making it a part of your daily life. Exercise force human body to work harder and you can take advantage of this fact to work more. This act will make you happy and comfortable while doing work without getting tired.

Following is a funny joke which you must read:

During a funeral, the pallbearers accidentally bump into a wall and hear a faint moan. They open the casket and find out that the woman is actually alive.

She lives for 10 more years and then dies. There is another funeral for her. At the end of the service, the pallbearers carry out the casket.

As they are walking out, the husband cries out, “Watch out for the wall!”

This joke is taken from: http://jokes.cc.com 







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How to Make Angry Teachers Pay in A Fair Way?

As a student, you may have been a victim of angry teachers who only liked to deal angrily with students in school, college or university. This situation may have bothered you often since you didn’t know what to do with teachers of that kind. Such type of teachers have no feeling for students as they only want to rule over students like kings. They do not come in educational institutions to make kingdoms instead they come there to teach students that is their job.

It is fair to take revenge against teachers who only offer anger to students for whatever they do. Students who are currently being a victim of angry teachers should worry not anymore as this article will help students how to deal with angry teachers by making them pay. Before making them pay, students must know the reasons why those teachers are always angry at students which are mentioned below:

Reason #1: Angry teachers are educated too much and think that they know all and don’t want others to learn more than them but obviously they do not know everything.

Reason #2: Teachers of such kind think educational institutions are jails, so treat students as captives.

Reason #3: They think students are fool and they can never outsmart them.

Now, you are well aware of the reasons behind angriness of angry teachers; therefore, this is time for you to take actions among them as a student. You should take the following 3 steps to make them pay:


Step #1 (Ideal Is No Ideal): Firstly, you should make your angry teacher believe that you like him/her. You can do that by praising him/her often and your teacher will start liking you. You should tell your teacher that he/she is your ideal as you are very impressed by his/her way of teaching.

Now, you should start asking your angry teacher during classes about his/her life experiences to let you know how he/she became teacher of such calibre. When, he/she will be telling about things you asked, you will show that you are listening to him/her carefully though you will be turning a deaf ear to his/her words as you hate him/her in reality. You will be doing this since he/she does not know all about you.


Step #2 (Prisoner in Educational Institution): Secondly, you should tell your angry teacher that your father wants to meet him/her and he also likes him. You should ask your teacher to please stay at the institution after your class timings for at least an hour so that your father can meet him/her. If he/she agrees; then, this it means you have setup your trap.

Although, you will be going home after your class timings but also be in contact with your teacher on your cellular phone. You will be calling your teacher every next 10 minutes after your school timings about your father arrival and his/her reply will be no since you never informed your father. After an hour, you will tell your teacher that father had an emergency meeting so he didn’t come. You will do this to treat him/her as a prisoner of educational institution.


Step #3 (Who can be fooled?): Thirdly, you will use RC (Remote Control) toy for e.g. a RC frog and place it in your class so that no one can see that toy and make sure one window of your class is open. You should also cover some parts of your RC frog with mud so that no one can guess it is not a real frog. As your angry teacher will come in your class and sit on his/her seat, you will play your part and use your toy as a weapon against him/her.

You will use your remote control to let your frog jump on his/her nose while he/she is unconscious to make him/her shock with a surprise. You should also make sure that your toy has a real voice of frog to let your teacher believe that the frog is real. After your teacher is alert about the frog, he/she will try to catch the frog but you will distract him/her to let your RC frog escape through window. You will be doing this to outsmart your angry teacher.

In a nutshell, you should never forget that everyone in the world has the right for vengeance. 

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How To Make Silent People Speak With You?


In real life, you may have met or seen people who don’t like to talk too much or find it difficult to speak with others but it does not mean that they don’t like to take part in a conversation. Actually, they feel either feel shy to take part in a chat because they don’t know much about real-life situations or they think people may ignore them as they rarely take part in a conversation and for a limited time. These two are valid reasons which make those people quiet most of the time during social gatherings, festivals and celebrations but it does not mean that you cannot make them speak.

I have made a list of 25 questions for you which will guide you how to make quiet people speak but to do this, you must ask those questions in a way so that they don’t think you are interviewing them. In other words, they should think you are taking interest in their speech and want to chat more with them by asking questions to them and listening to their replies. To do this, you should carefully listen to what they say in reply when you ask questions to them. Carefully listening to them will require you to watch their body languages, hear tone of voices and being thoughtful to whom you are talking with. If those people replied to you positively and also shared their thoughts and feelings on your asked questions; then, you are right to think that you have achieved your mission: “Make Them Speak”.

Following are those 25 questions which you should ask a person or people you find quiet most of the time?

Q1. Do you have a childhood memory? What is it?

Q2. If you get the chance to do something again that you did wrong in life. How will you do it correct?

Q3. Did you meet someone special in life? Who was that person? How did two of you meet?

Q4. Are you proud of something that you did in life? What was it?

Q5. Do you hear music? Which type of music do you like?

Q6. There are lot of wonderful places in the world. Which place is your dream to visit?

Q7. Suppose you could possess super powers. Which powers will you have chosen?

Q8. Which teacher impressed you most in life and why?

Q9. You may die sometime in life. What do you want your tombstone or grave to say after you die?

Q10. There are loads of moments in life. Which was your defining moment of life?

Q11. Which profession do you think serve world the most?

Q12. How do you spend your free time?

Q13. If you are lucky to win a lottery, what will you do with the prize money?

Q14. Who is your ideal/most-admired person?

Q15. Do you like movies, games and books? Name some of your favourites. What is the reason you like them?

Q16. Which is your biggest fear? Why?

Q17. What do you think is the difference between liking someone and loving someone?

Q18. Which quality do you think describe you best?

Q19. Have you ever been disturbed in life? When and why?

Q20. If you become president of your country, what change will you like to make in your country?

Q21. Which skill will you like to learn? Why do you think learning that skill is important?

Q22. How will you define a perfect day?

Q23. How may your friends and relatives differ by describing you?

Q24. Chaos happens in places. Have you ever seen a turmoil situation with your eyes? What was it and when did it happen?

Q25. Your real age may be less, more or close to what I think. What age do you feel yourself and why?

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How to Say Farewell to Your Disloyal Boss in a Funny Way without Getting Caught


If you are professional; then, you would have heard this foolish statement; “the boss is always right”, often. And if you don’t believe in this unjust statement; then, you don’t like your boss. Reasons of your dislike may be one of the following:

  1. You have lost trust in your boss.
  2. Your boss has no respect for you.
  3. You are being underestimated by your boss frequently.
  4. Your boss underutilizes you.

No offense, this is payback time for your boss. Now, you should say goodbye to your dishonest boss for all reasons of your hatred towards him/her. Following are the 4 things you should do to satisfy yourself before leaving your boss:

  1. Teach your boss a lesson for distrusting you: You do your work with honesty but still your boss doesn’t trust you and always keep an eye on you with cameras and other resources. Now, you should record strange voices in a tape recorder with sufficient volume and place it in a safe place near your office so that no one can find it and your boss can hear it. You should also make sure that your recording plays at the right time i.e. the time when you were be chatting with your boss about work. As your boss hears those bizarre voices and asks it about you, you should confidently say: “No, I didn’t hear anything”. Doing this means; you have taken the first step for your revenge by not believing in words of your boss.
  2. Show your boss the meaning of disrespect: You do respect your boss but he/she has no respect for you and your boss only cares for money not workers. It is time to show disrespect for your boss. What you should do is that you should drop banana peels on the places from where you think your boss will walk from without noticing and you should hide cautiously from place to place so that you can enjoy the show of your boss receiving your contempt.
  3. Overwhelm your boss by asking questions continuously: You try to do your work better than before every time but still your boss feels please to discourage you. Thus, it is time to make your boss pay for whatever he/she thinks of you. Your boss may have too much knowledge of things but he/she won’t have knowledge of everything. This is time to search information about your boss background through resources smartly such as internet or contacts in a way that no one can guess why you are interested in knowing about your boss. As soon as you are done with getting relevant information about your boss, you should wait for the right time and start questioning to your boss about things that he/she does not know by relating those questions to work. For example, you can ask a question to your boss: How did presentations affect low-level, middle-level and high-level managers mentally? (Here: You related part of a work i.e. presentations to the subject of psychology) If he is not able to answer your question by thinking for a long time; then, you should pose questions after question to your boss until you see his/her face turn pale. After seeing what you desire, you should take his/her permission to leave from there.
  4. Time to show your boss your worth: You know more than your boss thinks but still you are being underutilized, so, it is time to make your boss see your worth. You should now take help from a trusted person in form of cell phone calls. You should make a commitment with that person that he/she should call you at the right time i.e. the time when your boss will notice you. Whatever he/she will say to you on those calls, you will reply astonishingly by saying words admiring your worth. Some of your reply sentences to those mobile phone calls can be: Are you serious, XYZ Company is offering me double the salary that my current company is giving to me? Do you really think, I’m the one candidate who may be impossible to find among billions? As you talk on the phone, you should see wrinkles forming on the forehead of your boss to enjoy that moment.

As soon as you are done with your avenge; you should fire your boss and look for a company that you think will respect you for working by admiring all positive things which you have in you. 

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Record-Breaking Fastest ODI (One Day International) Centuries


AB de Villiers, one of the finest batsman of South Africa scored a century of 31 balls against West Indies on Jan 18th, 2015 by hitting 16 6s and 9 4s in Johannesburg and finished his innings on score of 149. With his hundred, he broke New Zealand’s all-rounder, CJ Anderson record, who scored a hundred of 36 ball against the same team, West Indies on Jan 1st, 2014 by hitting 14 6s and 6 4s in Queenstown and finished his innings on 131*. On the same day when de Villiers made a quick-fire hundred record, he also scored a half-century of 16 balls to break ST Jayasuriya fastest half-century record of 17 balls.

Before Anderson, fastest century record was held by the famous Pakistani all-rounder, Shahid Afridi for more than 17 years who scored a century of 37 balls against Sri Lanka on Oct 4th, 1996 by hitting 11 6s and 6 4s in Nairobi and finished his innings on 102. Afridi broke Sri Lanka’s legendary batsman, ST Jayasuriya record who scored a hundred of 48 balls against Pakistan on April 2nd, 1996 by hitting 11 6s and 11 4s in Singapore and finished his innings on 134.

Jayasuriya in his innings of fastest hundred broke Indian batsman, M Azharuddin record who scored a century of 62 balls against New Zealand on Dec 17th, 1988 by hitting 3 6s and 10 4s in Baroda and finished his innings on 108. Before, Azharuddin, world’s fastest century record was held by the Pakistani batsman, Zaheer Abbas who scored a century of 72 balls against India on Dec 17th, 1982 in Multan by hitting 4 6s and 10 4s and finished his innings on 118.

Zaheer Abbas record was equalized by IVA Richards, one of the greatest batsman of West Indies on Dec 7th, 1983 against India in Jamshedpur who also scored a hundred of 72 balls by hitting 3 6s and 20 4s and finished his innings on 149

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Link Baiting and Link-Baiting Hooks Explained


“Link baiting (link-baiting or link baiting) is a technique of web content writing that involves writing content in a way that drives other content producers to give link to that content”. The purpose of link baiting is to improve number of inbound links (back links=hyperlinks on third-party webpages which link to content on your website) to a specific content in order to improve the ranking of that content page in search engine rankings.

Technique of link baiting works with hooks. There are 8 link-baiting hooks which are mentioned below:


1. News Hook: News perishes with alacrity thus it is never a good idea to write about news that perished but breaking news has importance. Therefore, it is always a clever thing to write content with up-to-date news. If people on the web read content about your up-to-date news at the right time, they will most probably like to give back link to that content.


2. Contrary Hook: If you don’t agree with the opinion of someone else; then, you contradicts that person and you can take advantage of your point of view to write content. You will mention the opinion of person you disagree with while writing content; then, you will give your opinion and try to justify it with reasons. People who disagree with you may give a link to your content to relate how your opinion opposes them and those who find the debate interesting may like to link to that content too.


3. Attack Hook: Attacking someone without a reason is bad. Therefore, you should not write attacking content unless there is reason to. For instance, if you find out about a company that is deceiving its customers and you have the evidence for it; then, write about it and share it with others. People who want the society to be saved from dishonest people will most probably like to give the backlink to that content of yours to save others.


4. Information Hook: You can also write content by providing detailed information about something. For instance, you can write about the topic, “Balanced Diet” in detail. If people who wants to make things clear to them and to others too in-depth read that topics of yours and liked it; then they may feel delightful to share it with others by providing a back link to that content of yours.


5. Resource Hook: You can be helpful to people in many ways and one way to help them is to provide them some resources. For instance, if you have created a web widget, made a website building tool or written a useful eBook; then, you can write content relating to these things by providing readers also the option to download the widget, tool or eBook you created. People who find the resources useful will like to give link to those resources and content about those resources.


6. Humor Hook: One thing that catches the attention of readers is humor. There are plenty of ways to write content to make others people laugh. You can write jokes and funny stories or share funny pictures or videos on your website. If people liked the content you shared for humor, they will most probably like to give a backlink to that page.


7. Ego Hook: It’s not difficult to write about oneself but one must be true too while writing about himself/herself; otherwise, people won’t trust him/her. For instance, you can write a content on short story of your success (if you have achieved it) such as: How did you reach the position of a CEO from an employee? People who will believe in your words will like to give backlink to the story of yours success.


8. Incentive Hook: If you give people the reason to link to you; then they will like to. For example, you can arrange a contest for people whom you want to target on your website and inform them that contest winners will get valuable awards. People who read about the contest may like to give link to your contest details page to inform others about the contest and interested people will get registered for the contest by linking to your site.

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3 Definite Advantages of an Animated Sales Video


There are number of ways on the internet through which you can promote your business and one method to promote one’s business on cyberspace is through an animated sales video. Animated video production for business promotion will give you 3 definite and essential advantages which you cannot get by making a customary video for business.

Following are those advantages:

1st Advantage: Animated sales video works immensely well for storytelling. Such video engages people as they are interesting to watch. Therefore, you communicate about your business effectively by telling story about your business to them.

 2nd Advantage: If you research about human brain, you will find out that human brains pick visuals faster than text. As humans pick visuals fast and animated videos are created on visuals, so it is a wise option to go for animated video production to make people understand your business.

 3rd Advantage: It is a psyche of internet users that if they like something, they will want to share it with others on the internet. Animated videos become popular quickly; consequently, they are shared by internet users to others on the net. Hence, you should make animated videos to reach mass audience through the internet and explain your business to them.

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Have you ever seen people who remain silent or talk less in a social gathering? If you have seen such persons; then, some questions may have come into your mind about those persons such as: What stops them from being social? What is actually going in their minds? People of such kind are called Introverts. Although those people keep quite or chat a little in social gathering but it is a fact that their less talking factor make them stand out in a people gathering.

People have two views about people who talk less. First view is that people think introverts consider themselves superior to others so they don’t like to talk with people around them. Second view is that people believe such people are terribly depressed. This is a theoretical explanation about the individuals becoming introverts. In the practical world, a person becomes an introvert after having some experiences in life.

Following are the 5 reasonable life experiences which converts a person into an introvert:

  1. A person has lost self confidence in his/her life and can’t confront people boldly because he/she has not taken part in extracurricular activities while studying at school, college and university.
  2. A person has been objected by saying something stupid in his/her life before, so feels afraid to talk with people and being objected again.
  3. A person is unable to remember things in his/her life, so possesses a bad memory.
  4. A person is unable to acquire enough general knowledge in his/her life.
  5. A person is unable to make a friend or friends in his/her life.

Social people should not force introverts to become socialized. Doing it may cost them to lose trust of individuals who talk less. Remember, a person can change the way of living only if he/she wills to. Introverts prefer spending time alone and feel happy that way, so let them live in the way they want to live.

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