8 Reasons Why People Of Under Developed and Developing Countries Migrate To Developed Countries


In most cases, people prefer to live their whole lives where they are born. Love for motherland exists in nerves of everyone. Usually people don’t want to leave their homelands but they decide to migrate to other countries for numbers of reasons. Before discussing the reasons why people migrate to other countries, we must first answer the following two questions:

Q1. Which are the countries from where people migrate to other countries?

Q2. Which countries are popular destinations of immigrants?

Here are the answers to above two questions:

A1. People of under developed and developing countries like Pakistan, Nigeria, Guatemala, Haiti etc. migrate to developed countries.

A2. Spain, Australia, Canada, Saudi Arabia etc. are most popular destinations of immigrants.

Here are the reasons why people of developing and underdeveloped countries migrate to developed countries:

Reason #1: Developed countries offer better employment opportunities to people.

Reason # 2: Developed countries guarantee security and justice for people.

Reason # 3: Strong currencies of developed countries also attract people.

Reason # 4: Developed countries attract skilled human resources and investors from less developed countries.

Reason # 5: Emigrants see better future for their offspring in developed countries.

Reason # 6: Persons of different religions living in less developed countries prefer migrating to developed countries of their religions since they feel more secure there.

Reason # 7: Ordinary citizens of less developed countries which are affected by war also prefer to migrate to developed countries since they see their safety there.

Reason # 8: In some cases, people of less developed countries move to developed countries to join their family members there.

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5 Common Problems Related To Hacking That Computer Users Often Face and Their Solutions

No doubt that internet provides many benefits to people but still it is not free of faults. For example, all information on the internet is not reliable; some people have become so addicted to internet so they find it difficult to spend time with friends and family members. Furthermore, internet often becomes a victim of hackers.

Although hacking is a crime but still it can be dealt with if you have a thinking mind.


Following are the most common problems related to hacking that computer users face and these problems can be dealt with if you follow solutions to these problems.

Problem 1 – Counterfeit Virus Warning Message: If you see a virus warning message popping on your computer screen even though you have installed antivirus on your computer; then, there is a chance that your computer is being hacked. In order to differentiate between a genuine and counterfeit virus messages, you need to know what a genuine antivirus looks like. A fake virus message appears instantly when someone installs software that contains malware.

Solution to the Problem 1: In order to deal with the problem, you must turn off your computer as soon as you recognize that virus warning message on your screen is fake and reboot it in Safe Mode. After reboot, uninstall the newly installed software. After removing the newly installed software, start your computer by choosing the option, Last Known Good Configuration.

Problem 2 – Unwanted Browser Toolbar: If you see a toolbar on your computer screen that you did not install; then, it means you have become a victim of hacking. Mostly, unwanted toolbars are installed as they come in bundle with other software that someone downloads.

Solution to the Problem 2: If you have installed an unwanted toolbar by chance as it came in bundle with your desired software; then, you should uninstall it. In Microsoft XP, you can uninstall it by going to Control Panel and choosing Add or Remove Programs. In Windows 7, you can do the same job by going to Control Panel and selecting the option, Programs and Features. You can also get rid of the unwanted toolbar if you carefully read the license agreement and uncheck the clause that says you to allow the installation of additional software with your desired software.

Problem 3 – Your Password Change: If you find out that the password you were using for a particular account online has changed without your knowledge; then, there is highly likely, you are being hacked. The reason may be because you have replied to a phishing email with your log-in details.

Solution to the Problem 3: You should immediately report about your password changes to your online service provider which should be able to get your account back in your control within a few minutes. You should also change your log-in details of other online accounts if you are using the same details on your other online accounts.

Problem 4 – Cursor moving itself and Starting Programs: If you see the cursor on your screen is moving itself and making correct choices to run particular programs; then, it is obvious that your mouse is being controlled by hacker.

Solution to the Problem 4: After discovering that hacker is using your computer, you should try to find out what his/her intentions are. If you have a smart phone and digital camera, take some pictures of the screen to reveal the intentions of hacker. After taking pictures, disconnect your computer from internet and take help of an online computer maintenance firm. Before taking help of computer experts, you should use another computer and change your log-in details of different online accounts to make sure hacker does not harm you more.

Problem 5- Anti-Virus Program, Task Manager Or Registry Editor Disabled Won’t Restart/Start In Reduced State: Most malware protect themselves by degrading antivirus program, task manager and registry editor so either they won’t start or start in reduced state.

Solution to the Problem 5: You don’t have clue when this problem comes, so you should reinstall your system software by backing up our data.

I hope that you have now the general knowledge to get rid of the 5 common problems concerned with hacking.

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Photo Blogging on the Internet – Advantages and Disadvantages of Picture Blogging


Photo Blogging or Picture Blogging is a form of blogging that is done with the help of photos. In photo blogs, bloggers share photos and publish those photos in format of a blog. In a normal blog, bloggers mainly focus on text rather than pictures whereas the focus of blogger in a photo blog is completely on photographs and that is the difference between a blog and photoblog.

You can find photo blogs on the internet in following ways:

  1. Photo Blog on a Personal Website
  2. Photo Blog on a Blogging Service like Blogger
  3. Photo Blog on a Photo Sharing Website such as Flickr

Following are advantages of having a photoblog:

  1. A photo blog is more attractive than a normal blog because pictures appeal people more than text.
  2. A photo blog can be created easily than a normal blog and will help you save sufficient amount of time.
  3. In a photo blog, you post pictures rather than text, so you don’t need proofreading for a photoblog.
  4. If display ads appear on your blog; then, you will be able to make money from your photoblog. Google AdSense can help you earn money from a photo blog.

Photoblogs have some disadvantages as well which are mentioned below:

  1. It is difficult to optimize a photo blog because pictures weigh less than text in search engine optimization.
  2. You can’t put any picture on your photoblog; you should be seriously concerned about copyright issues while putting a picture on your blog.
  3. Minor editing may be required for pictures to make those pictures good fit for your photo blog.
  4. You will not get text based ads on a photo blog because focus of a photoblog is on pictures.

Although photo blogging has disadvantages too but still it is a very popular way of blogging.

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4 Areas to Look For If You Are Going To Start Your Own Home Based Business


Are you one of those persons who want to start home based business but don’t know how to start a business and work from home productively? Starting a business successfully by working from home will require you to have a plan for it. If you have a clear plan for your home business; then, you will be able to achieve all objectives of your business. If you are serious about making money from home, in that case, you have to include four basic areas in your plan.

Area 1: How to Choose a Home Based Job? At first, you should look at your core capabilities and compare yourself with people who are involved in businesses that help them make money from home. For instance, if you want to become a home based script writer for animated ads and think that you can write a better script than other home based script writers; then, you should go for this home based job. You should also consult peers to take their suggestions if you think it will help you make a better script for animated ads.

Area 2: Defining the Target Market – Next, you should define your target market. You should decide who you are going to offer your products or services. For example, if you are going to sell your own product on a free classified site like OLX.com.pk; the, your target market will be internet users who visits that site.          

Area 3: Clarify the Value Proposition – You should make it clear to your target market what benefit your product or service is offering to them. For instance, if your home based job involves writing promotional content for a particular company’s website; then, value proposition for your target audience would be a genuine content.

Area 4: Promotion of Your Product or Service – Last but not least, you should decide how you are going to promote your product or service to the target market. For example, if your home based business involve selling of your own products online; then, you can promote your products with the help of your own website if you have any or you can promote your products with the help of social media websites such as facebook or YouTube.        

So, if you are serious about starting your home based business successfully; then, make a plan for it by including four areas mentioned above in your plan and then hope that your home business will be the best home based business.

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Should Governments Of Richer Nations Take The Responsibility To Make Improvements In Health, Education And Trade Of Poorer Countries?


The world is divided into two types of nations, developed and developing nations. Developed countries are richer nations and developing countries are poorer nations. Improvements in health, education and trade are essential for the development of poorer nations. Some people say that governments of richer nations should play a part to improve health, education and trade of poorer nations, I personally agree with this statement for some reasons.

The first reason of my agreement is that the poorer nations lack healthcare facilities. Medical facilities are below standard in poorer nations. If government of richer nations provide sufficient funds to such nations for their healthcare improvements; then, developing nations will be able to improve their standard for better treatment of patients in their country. For instance, governments of richer nations can provide advanced medical equipments and instruments to help poorer nations in improving their standard for health.

The second reason of my agreement is that literacy rate is too low in poorer nations. Government institutes in poorer nations do not provide quality education. Private institutes provide better education but charge high fees for studies. Most of the people are not well-educated (because government institutes lack resources to teach) or uneducated (because people can’t afford high fees). Literacy rate of poorer nations can be improved if governments of richer nations provide these nations enough funds and resources for education. For example, governments of richer nations can provide international scholarships to citizens of a poorer nation.

The third reason of my agreement is that poorer nations mostly trade-off agricultural products with the industrialized products of developed countries which create a trade deficit resulting in broken economy of poorer nations. Richer nations should forgive the debt of poorer nations to help these nations recover their economy.

To sum up, I agree with the statement that governments of developed nations should take responsibility to improve health, education and trade of poorer countries.

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How to Guarantee Your Internet Security?


There is no doubt that internet offers many advantages to people across the globe but still it is not free from vulnerabilities. When users go online then they may encounter a threat. A common threat can either be a virus or spyware. “A virus is a software program that reproduces itself and causes great harm to files or programs of an operating system of a user”. “Spyware is computer software that is used by hackers to access personal information of a particular user”.

Although, internet is not secure from threats but still internet users can guarantee their internet security if they follow following things:

1. Turn on the Firewall: It will limit the exposure of a computer or computer network to get attacked from crackers (programmers who gain unauthorized access to computers).

2. Install Anti-Virus Software: Such software will help users to check their computers for viruses and their spread on their computers. If anti-virus software identifies any virus or its spread on user’s computer; then, it will help user to get rid of that virus or its spread from his/her computer.

3. Disable Active Scripting: You can disable active scripting if you are using Internet Explorer as your browser to get protected from malicious websites.

In “Windows XP”, you can do this by going to “Control Panel”; then, you should open the category “Internet Options”, click on the “Security” tab, in the “Web content zone” click on the option labeled “Internet”. In the security level for this zone click on the button labeled “Custom Level”. It will open “Security Settings” options. By scrolling down, you will reach “Scripting” section; in it you should select “Disable” option under “Active Script” header.

4. Watch Out for Phishing Emails: Phishing emails are those that look like they are from businesses you trust and may ask you to share your personal information. Remember, no authentic website will ask you to share your personal information through an email. Therefore, you should have good sense to judge between phishing emails and trusted emails.

5. Block Third-Party Cookies: If you block Third-party Cookies; then, your surfing becomes more secure.

If you are using “Windows XP”; then go to “Control Panel”; then, you should open the category “Internet Options” and click on the “Privacy” tab, in “Settings” highlighted in blue color select the button labeled ”Advanced”, then tick “Override automatic cookie handling” and select the option “Block” for “Third-party Cookies”.

6. Ensure Internet Security On Your Cell Phone: If you are using internet on your cell phone; then, you should keep checking it to make sure no unauthorized software is added on your device. Sometimes, online users are asked to update software application that they don’t remember installing. If this is the case; then, it means your device is infected with that software application and you should delete it immediately.

7. Use Strong Passwords for Your Data Security: You should use strong and different passwords for each of your account on the internet if you don’t want your data to get hacked. Moreover, it is also a wise act to update your passwords regularly and keeping those passwords in a secret place that is not easily visible to others. A strong password is one that is long and contains numbers, letters and symbols together.

I hope that doing these things will help you resolve your problems concerning internet security.

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Worthless but Not Jobless


If I ask educated people this question: What do they think about the worth of uneducated people? Most of them will reply: They worth nothing as they can’t expect success as educated people do. They say it because they believe they have upper-hand over uneducated people because of knowledge. It is true that they have edge over uneducated people because of knowledge but it is also a sooth that people who are uneducated worth something than nothing. Why is that so?

It is because they can still do some jobs which do not require special skills or education. For example, they can do a job of waiter at local hotels or they can assist the owner of a shop nearby their homes to earn some money. Such kind of jobs only requires communication in mother tongue with people which everyone in this world is used to from birth. If uneducated people worth zero as most educated people will say; then, I ask them: Why can they still earn some money if they are zero in terms of worth?  

To sum up, a person who is uneducated worth less but still may not be jobless. 

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How Did Animation Proceed From Past to Present? Each Explainer Video Has a Value for Business


In past, animation was a very lengthy process and it was done by creating photographs one by one. At that time, it was not trouble-free for an individual artist to draw hundreds of drawings for sole purpose of animation. Animation became a bit easier when celluloid was used for making backgrounds, so that backgrounds remained stationary and animator was only required to draw characters for showing movements.


The famous cartoonist, “Walt Disney” took animation to a new level by introducing sound to animation. It was he who first produced the first full-length classically animated feature film, “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”.


Invention of computer proved to be a good sign for animation artists as it had made the process of animation much easier. Special effects given through computer software proved great for grabbing attention of the viewers.


Antecedently, animation was used for making movies and cartoons but today business owners are using animation to advertise as well. Smart business owners prefer going for explainer video in order to promote their business effectively to customers.

There are six animation styles through which business can promote its products and services which are mentioned below:

1) Character Animation: This animation style is ideal for targeting products made for children. Bisconni’sCocomo” Commercial is a good example of character animation.  

2) Whiteboard Animation: A whiteboard video is effective for promotion of complex business. Below is a whiteboard video that promotes the complex business of GREYHOUNDLEGAL.COM in style to its target audience:

3) Kinetic Animation: This style is usually used to remind people about a popular product or service. Following video reminds people about the funny conversation among people in the American action comedy film, “Rush Hour”. 

4) Cutout Animation: Cutout animation is a great choice if you want to inspire your viewers. Following video is a good example of cutout animation:

5) Infographics Animation: It is used to present complex information quickly and clearly to the target audience. Following video of pricena.com follows infographics animation:

6) Screencast Animation: Screencast animation is a digital recording of computer screen output, also known as a “Video Screen Capture”. This animation style gives people good understanding about a business. Following screencast video of ideascale.com tells people how the site works:

You would have understood by now the meaningfulness of each animation style. Character animation attracts children, a whiteboard video describes complex business, kinetic typography video reminds people about something that is popular, cutout video inspires viewers,  infographics animation delivers a business message effectively and screencast animation help people understand a particular business. In short, every explainer video has a value for business.  

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Muhammad Ali Jinnah (Quaid-e-Azam/Baba-i-Qaum)


Early Life

Quaid-e-Azam, Muhammad Ali Jinnah also known as Baba-i-Qaum was born on 25th December, 1876 at Wazir Mansion in Karachi. At the time of his birth, his official name was Mahomedali Jinnahbhai. He did not born as a healthy baby but his mother was remarkably fond of him and insisted he would grow up to be an achiever.  The name of his father was Jinnahbhai Poonja and he was a merchant by profession. Mithibai was his mother. His parents had seven children and he was the eldest among them.

At the age of 6, his father enrolled him in school, Sindh Madarsat-ul-Islam. Jinnah was not a good student and preferred playing outdoors with his friends than studying. Arithmetic was his most hated subject though his father wanted him to focus keenly on it as the subject was the part of his business that involved trade of goods.

When Jinnah was 11 years old; then, his only paternal aunt came to see him and his family from Bombay, India.  Jinnah and his aunt were fond of each other. She offered Jinnah’s parents to take him to Bombay so that he would get better education there. Despite Jinnah’s mother resistance, Jinnah accompanied his paternal aunt back to Bombay where she enrolled him in Gokal Das Tej Primary School though he did not last more than 6 months there due to his unruly nature and returned to Karachi.     After Jinnah’s return to Karachi, he joined Sind Madrassa due to his mother’s insistence but his name was struck off as he frequently cut classes in order to ride his father’s horses. Jinnah also enjoyed reading poetry at his own leisure. As a child, he was not easy to control; therefore, his parents enrolled him in the Christian Missionary Society High School hoping he would be better able to concentrate on his studies there.

Sir Frederick Leigh Croft, a business associate of Jinnah’s father and the general manager of the company, Douglas Graham and Company had a great influence over Jinnah. He offered Jinnah an apprenticeship at his office in London that Jinnah accepted eagerly. When Jinnah’s mother heard of his plans of going to London, she objected strongly. After much persuasion by obstinate Jinnah, she consented but with the condition that Jinnah would marry before going to England.

Wedding At an Early Age

Jinnah’s mother arranged his marriage with 14 years old girl named, Emibai from the Paneli Village. The parents of Jinnah and Emibai made all wedding arrangements and the young couple quietly accepted the arranged marriage. The wedding ceremony took place in February, 1892 in the home town of Emibai.

Jinnah studied in the Christian Mission School until the end of October in order to improve his English before his voyage to London that was planned by November 1892, though some argue that he sailed in January 1893. His young bride died a few months after his departure. Devastatingly, Jinnah’s mother also died during his stay in London.

Jinnah in London

Jinnah on his own was befriended by a kind Englishman who engaged in conversations with him and gave tips to him about life in England. Jinnah’s father had deposited enough money in his son’s account to last him the three years of the intended stay which Jinnah used wisely. When Jinnah arrived in London, he rented a modest room in a hotel. He lived in different places before moving into the house of Mrs. F. E. Page-Drake as a houseguest at 35 Russell Road in Kensington.

On March 30, 1895 Jinnah applied to Lincoln’s Inn Council for the alteration of his name from Mahomedali Jinnahbhai to Muhammad Ali Jinnah, which he anglicized to M.A. Jinnah. This was granted to him in April 1895. At first, he found it difficult to adjust in cold winters and gray skies in London but soon adjusted to those surroundings.

After joining Lincoln’s Inn in June 1893, he developed additional interest in politics. Although his father was furious when he learnt of Jinnah’s change of plan concerning his career, there was little he could do to alter what his son had made his mind up for. At that point in life, Jinnah was totally alone in his decisions with no moral support from his father or any help from Sir Frederick Leigh Croft.

Jinnah often visited theatre during his stay in London. He was hypnotized by the acting, especially those of Shakespearean actors. It was Jinnah’s dream to play the role of “Romeo” at the theatre, ‘Old Vic’.

Jinnah’s Second Marriage

Jinnah had no interest in living in Karachi after the demise of his wife and mother. He chose Bombay for his residence and his father joined him there. Jinnah’s father died on April 17th, 1902 that was soon after Jinnah had started his political career. In the next two decades, Jinnah established himself first as a lawyer and then as a politician.

Jinnah vacationed in the North in Darjeelin in 1916, staying at the summer home of his friend, Sir Dinshaw Manockjee Petit where he met Dinshaw’s only daughter Ratanbai. He was enamored by her beauty and charm. Jinnah put forth his offer of a marriage proposal for Ratanbai that was refused bluntly by Dinshaw and it was the day when Jinnah’s friendship ended with Dinshaw.

In February 1918, Ratanbai turned 18 and was free to marry. On April 18th, 1918, Ratanbai converted to Islam at Calcutta’s Jamia Mosque and adopted the name, Maryam Jinnah. On April 19, 1918 Jinnah and Maryam Jinnah married at a quiet ceremony at Jinnah’s house in Bombay. The Raja Sahib of Muhamdabad and a few friends of Jinnah attended the wedding. The wedding ring that Jinnah presented to Maryam Jinnah was a gift from the Raja. Nobody from Maryam Jinnah’s (Ratanbai) family attended the wedding.

The first few years of marriage were joyous and satisfying for both Jinnah and Maryam. Jinnah became very busy in 1922 due to his heavy work schedule that didn’t allow him to spend time with his young and vibrant wife. It engulfed Maryam with feelings of desolation. In September, 1922 she packed her bags and took her only daughter, Dina to London with her.

When Maryam returned from England; then, both Jinnah and his wife tried to save their failing marriage but their efforts were in vain; therefore, the couple separated in January, 1928. On February, 1929 Maryam Jinnah died. She was buried two days later in Bombay according to the Muslim rites.

Jinnah’s Only Daughter

Dina, the daughter of Muhammad Ali Jinnah was born on August 14th, 1919 at midnight. Dina was a charming young girl with dark eyes. Jinnah and his daughter together spent a blissful time in London. Jinnah’s sister, Fatima Jinnah took care of Dina after the death of her mother. Jinnah later became estranged from Dina after she decided to marry a Parsi-Born Christian, Neville Wadia. Jinnah tried to convince his daughter to marry a Muslim boy but for nothing. Dina married Neville and lived in Bombay. They had two children, a boy and a girl. Shortly after that they separated.

As a Lawyer

Jinnah left for England in January 1893, landed at Southampton, catching the boat train to Victoria Station. He worked at Douglas Graham and Company for a while surrounded by stacks of account books that he was expected to copy and balance.

He arrived in London in February 1893 and after 2 months; he left Douglas Graham and Company on April 25 of that year to join Lincoln’s Inn, one of the oldest and well reputed legal societies that prepared students for the Bar. On June 25, 1893, he embarked on his study of the law at Lincoln’s Inn.

His quest for general books especially on politics and biographies led him to apply to the British Museum Library and he became a subscriber of the Museum Library. The 2 years of “reading” apprenticeship that he spent in barrister’s chambers was the most important element in Jinnah’s legal education.

Apart from Jinnah’s upbringing according to the traditions and ethics of a religious family, the Victorian Moral Code not only colored his social behavior but also greatly affected his professional conduct as a practicing lawyer.

Jinnah completed his formal studies and also made a study of the British Political System by frequently visiting the House of Commons.

Jinnah left London for India in 1896. He decided to go to Bombay after a brief stay in Karachi. He selected Bombay because it offered scope for the exercise of his legal faculties and ground for his political ambitions. He was enrolled as a barrister in Bombays’ High Court on August 24, 1896.

Jinnah’s career as a lawyer was full of marvelous legal victories. Either it was the Sapru-Jinnah encounter in Bhopal High Court or the famous Bawla Murder Trial of 1925; a legal case against the great Hindu Leader, Bal Ganghadhar Tilak or his last case in 1945 where he defended Bishen Lal at Agra; Jinnah always proved to be the most enviably popular counsel.   

As a Statesman  

Jinnah had developed a growing interest in politics during his visits to House of Commons. Jinnah started politics as a liberal nationalist. He was particularly interested in the politics of India. He became inspired of it when Dadabhai Naoroji became the first Indian to earn a seat in the House of Commons.            

In 1904, Jinnah attended a meeting of the Indian National Congress and he joined the Congress himself in 1906. In 1912, Jinnah attended a meeting of the All India Muslim League, prompting him to join the league the following year. After joining the All India Muslim League, Jinnah joined another party, All India Home Rule League and became a key leader of that party. As a key leader of All India Home Rule League, Jinnah proposed a Fourteen-Point Constitutional Reform Plan to safeguard the political rights of the Muslims.

As a member of Congress, Jinnah at first collaborated with the Hindu leaders as their Ambassador of the Hindu Muslim Unity, while working with the Muslim League simultaneously. Gradually, Jinnah realized that the Hindu leaders of Congress held a political agenda that was incongruent with his own. After realizing the political agenda of Congress, Jinnah left Congress and dedicated himself fully to the Muslim League. In 1930, Jinnah attended the Anglo-Indian Round Table Conferences in London and led the reorganization of the All India Muslim League.

Demand for Separate Homeland for the Muslims of India

Jinnah realized in 1939 that the concept of Hindu-Muslim Unity no longer seemed realistic, so he was convinced that there should be separate homelands for both the Hindus and the Muslims of India. Jinnah was certain that it is the only way to protect the rights of the Muslims of India. Therefore, in 1940 in a meeting of the All India Muslim League at Lahore, he proposed the partition of India for 2 separate homelands, one where the Muslims constitute a majority and other for the Hindus majority.

On March 22-24th, 1940 All India Muslim League adopted the resolution that was known as Pakistan Resolution or Lahore Resolution to form a separate Muslim state. The idea of separate homeland for Muslims was at first laughed at and stubbornly opposed by the Congress. Pitted against Jinnah were men of the stature of Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru. The British government seemed to be intent on maintaining the political unity of the Muslims and the Hindus in India.

But Jinnah led his movement with such skill and tenacity that ultimately both the Congress and the British Government had no option but to agree to the partitioning of India. Pakistan thus emerged as an independent state in 14th August, 1947. Jinnah took oath as the First Governor General on August 15, 1947. Faced with the serious problems of a young nation, he tackled Pakistan’s problems with authority.

Death of Jinnah

On September 11, 1948, just a little over a year after Jinnah became Governor-General, he died of Tuberculosis at his home in Karachi. He was buried on September, 12th 1948 in a large marble mausoleum, Mazar-e-Quaid, in Karachi

Famous Quotes of the Great leader, Quaid-e-Azam:

  1. “Think 100 times before you take a decision, but once that decision is taken, stand by it as one man”.
  2. “Come forward as servants of Islam organise the people economically, socially, educationally and politically and I am sure that you will be a power that will be accepted by everybody”.
  3. “Expect the best, Prepare for the worst”.
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